Hello Meatheads,

So I’m newly inspired and have a new hero in my life!

I had the distinct pleasure of meeting with one of my areas local farmer and my new hero, Dean Calson of Wyebrook Farm. Wyebrook Farm sits back off route 82 in Honey Brook, PA. This 200 year old farm is complete with acres of green rolling hills, field stone country home and barn, Solar Panels on the new steel field house, Chicken, Pigs and the Star Attraction the Cows.

I was so impressed and excited when I meet Dean that I had to bring the family out and see the next weekend. See attached pics of our visit. The day we went out was a little crazy. The stone home on the farm was part of a historic home tour of Chester County. There must of been 500 people swarming the farm. Great exposure but well beyond the services and restroom capacity of the Café. But, I must say Dean and his staff handled with ease.

Back to my pervious conversation I had with Dean during the week, when he had time to sit-down and graciously meet with me. I arrived at the farm a little early, so I was already there when Dean pulled in. (I have to say that I’m even jealous of his car too, He’s got a Telsa). Dean’s not your typical looking farmer. I didn’t ask, but would say he’s in his early 40’s, dressed in casual black pants and black tee shirt. Not your stereotypical flannel shirt and overalls. We walk down behind the Café picnic area and started talking. I told my about my blog and my interest in the Paleo Movement and getting back to eating REAL FOOD. It was a very encouraging conversation. Dean provided me with some great information and resources to learn more about the American food chain. He told me why he got out of the Wall Street rat race and into farming. We talked about the cost of sustainable farming, food prices and the growing cost of health care.

Dean gave me a some homework and told me to read the book Omnivore’s Dilemma, by Michael Pollan. Me being the meathead I am, I’m not much of a reader. But, I have discovered Audiobook.com. During my work outs I’ve stopped listening to the same tired music playlist and switched to audiobooks. I’m only a few chapters in, but so far a very interesting look at what’s for dinner and what’s in your dinner. I will complete a full book review in an upcoming blog.

So that’s it for now, running out of literary steam, and need get back to work.

Thanks again to my new hero, farmer Dean. I look forward continuing our conversation, and hope your don’t get too weirded out by my admiration (man crush)… Thanks again.


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