So today…I want to tell you where I’m at in my fitness program.

I purchased a new scale from Amazon, (eHealthSource GBF-1012 Digital Bathroom Scale) . The scale provides not only your weight but also sends a low level electrical current through your body and is able to tell you your percentage of body fat, hydration level, muscle mass and bone mass. So let me tell you where I’m at:
Body weight: 208.6 Lbs
Body Fat: 18.9%
Water Weight: 55.0%
Muscle Mass: 44.2%
Bone Mass: 7.8%

I measured myself for the past week and these levels have remained pretty level for the past week. I’m going to post on these measurements at the start of every month to monitor where I’m at, and keep everyone posted on my progress.

My goals: I want to put this out there to help keep me on track and stay motivated.
Body weight: I’m basically where I want to be. looking to remain between 200 and 210 lbs.
Body Fat: I want to get down to 10% by Jan 1st, 2014.
Water weight: Is in the healthy range so I want to stay there too.
Muscle Mass: As my fat% goes down this should go up. So I’d like to get up to the 60% range.
Bone Mass: Should remain the same.

OK – So thanks for reading. I’ll keep you posted and updates. Please give me some feedback.




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