Hello again,

Not much feed back from My first post… so I’m not that scared anymore about really putting myself out here…

Today I want to give props to Dave Asprey and his Bulletproof Coffee. This has, in my meager opinion, been the key to my weight loss success.

I drink the coffee in the AM. Usually 16oz with 2tbs of un-salted, grass feed butter and a spoon full of coconut oil. This tides me over till 10:30-11am and eliminates the conundrum of what to eat for breakfast on the Paleo diet… other than eggs. I then eat lunch, an omelet, if I’m home or a to go order of chicken salad from WAWA.(if your not form the NE costs WAWA is a local convince store). I know how bad of a practice this really is, but its working and I know its not truly Paleo… For Dinner, I unfreeze a GRASS FED steak from my local farmer’s market or chicken and cook up with a nice size bunch of veggies and/or salad. See attached photos of a typical dinner. Very filling and satisfying and the weight is still coming off 3 months later. The 2nd most important key… is not snacking. Its that simple. The Paleo diet prohibits those easy carbs: pretzels, potato chips and (as a dad of young kids) Prepperridge Farm fishes. This alone eliminate a 1000 (un-tested) calories a day.

To note… I’m currently working on sourcing a local PA farmer to team-up with for distribution of local Grass Feed Meat. Chicken, butter, beef, pork, veal…. and hope to be on-line soon.

This way I can post my exact recipes and you can follow my diet plan and see your own success.

Thanks again for your support, and please give a like for this post and any feed back you feel will help support my efforts.


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