Hello out there…Can anybody hear me?

Welcome to my very first post on my first blog.  This blog is where I will be posting Paleo/Bulletproof diet meals I’m eating, workouts I’m doing and anything else I’m doing that I think my be of interest.  Please take note, I’m no expert and not a real writer.  So, please don’t kill me on anything of the literate nature, I only spit the truth from my opinion. Please do provide constructive criticisms.  I want your feedback.

So, let me start this out with a little back ground.  I’ve always been into fitness and diet.  I was a high school athlete (football, wrestling, lacrosse). Eating a proscribed low-fat, high carbs diet trying to gain as much weight as I could to go on and play football in college.  I play 3 years of college football as a 220lb undersized D-End, but could never quite get there. In college I studied Kinesiology  (Stereotypical football player major with the rest of the jocks, thus the nick name MEATHEAD).  Then I blow out my ACL and need a 3rd knee surgery and decided to end my athletic career, and switched majors to business management with other interest in the construction management industry.  It was at this point I essentially stopped training and being overly concerned about diet and fitness and proceeded to put on the lb.’s. Thorough my 20’s and early 30’s I would have lapses of motivation and hit the gym for a few months at a time and yo-yo diet my way up to almost 250lbs.

This brings us up to date.  I’m now 37 years old and re-motivated to get lean and mean in 2013!!!  In an effort to get more motivated I started downloading a few popular pod-casters (Able James and Dave Asprey).  I had heard about Paleo diet before but dismissed it as just a regurgitated version of the Atkins diet.  I had always been taught and bought into the Mediterranean diet previously, but I decided to try something new.  And, what these guys were saying made sense.  I always carried around a beer/wheat belly no matter how much I worked out and how many sit-ups I did. And to be honest, when I played football, it really didn’t bother me.  But now I want more… Plus, like may others out there, I’m really becoming more and more disillusioned by big business and their impact on the American society and the American diet.  So I started eating real food!!!  Grass fed meat directly from the farm. Going to the local farmers market this summer, where I meeting an Amish farmer. And, where I’ve get my grass-fed meat.  Eating fresh veggies.  Since May 2013 I’ve lost 25 lbs. That’s 25lbs in 3 months, I’m back down to my high school weight and can almost see a six-pack developing.  It feels really good and I want to help spread the word of the high protein & health fats diet.

The other aspect of this blog is to keep me going…  By putting myself out there in the public eye, I hoping it keep me on the path and maybe gain enough following to generate a little passive income as well. A social experiment if you will and Bio-hack at the same time.  I post what I’m doing and where I’m getting my meat and if you like my post to create unquiet hits so advertisers might be willing to want to pay me to continue posting my daily routines. Win – win. So, yes I’m a for profit enterprise here and I want your help on that too.

Well that’s good for my first attempt at blogging.  Please give me your feed back and lets help each other out get fit and help pay some bills too.

Thanks –



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